November 21, 2014

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RAVENSWOOD (Emil J. Donatello)

My name is Emil J. Donatello. I write under the name "RAVENSWOOD.”    I live in Nutley, NJ with my wife of 41 years, Meredith.   We have two children who also write poetry, Emil and Rachael.
I served in the military from 1957 to 1965.   I am a retired Bergen County Fraud Investigator.   I am also an artist who paints in oils, and works in
Pen and ink.   I’m proud to say that I have sold a few of my pieces.   I also sculpt, do woodcarvings, and I work in stained glass to amuse myself.

I hold a BA in psychology and Literature, and also a Masters Degree in Counseling and Community Service from Keene State College in New Hampshire.
My book of 100 poems entitled, CAPTIVE IMAGES RAVENSWOOD, was published in 2006.   So many people have asked for signed copies that I decided to sell the book directly from my home.   It can be ordered by sending a check for $16.95 to:
Emil J. Donatello
98 Brookfield Avenue
Nutley, NJ 07110

We will cover shipping costs.

A synopsis of the book reads as follows:

A soldier, a scholar, an artist and adventurer takes us on a magic carpet ride through the labyrinths of his poetic mind.  Vignettes of captured
images are set before us in poetry and poetic allusions.  True experiences and fantasies are revealed in descriptive verbal images that capture the author's unique perspectives on life.
A smorgasbord of food for thought, or just quiet reflections for a rainy afternoon, are set before the reader like a banquet.   Tortured by a Loving
God, and A Mystics Journey reveal the author's fascinating views on what it means to be an artist.   His feelings about women are expressed in A Sacred Portal. His thoughts on love are well expressed in, I Am Because.The author's fascinations with nature are seen in his poems, Haunting Questions, llusions in Fog, and Awaiting Pan's Return.   An adventure awaits the reader on every page.   All of the illustrations, and the book’s cover art were done by the author.

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"The foolish
man seeks
happiness in
the distance,
the wise
grows it
under his feet."

James Oppenheim

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